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Time to Order Your New ACH Rules Book!

​It's that time of year again - time to order a new NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines book! If you don't already have a resource to order the new 2017 Rules book, contact Janet Merlet at NEACH and mention promo code RPPaymentsRisk to get 15% off! or call 781-345-7636.


Upcoming Webinar! Same-Day ACH: Preparing for MORE!

BankersOnline April 18, 2017

While most in the industry consider Same-Day ACH a major win to move funds faster, there are a lot of things to consider to ensure your institution is not only processing ECH entries correctly, but is also prepared to minimize exposure to risk and losses. During this presentation, we will recap the impacts on the industry from Phase I. We will also explore the areas of increased risk that Same-Day ACH debits will present in Phase II. Two industry experts will provide sound risk management strategies from onboarding new customers who wish to use Same-Day ACH to managing overall risk exposure.

Attendees will develop an action item list during the webinar to ensure they properly address all of the considerations for Phase II.


Upcoming Webinar! Ransomware & BEC

 ePay Resources April 20, 2017

Two most common forms of fraud causing significant risk and losses to businesses and financial Institutions around the world. Focus is on recognizing, managing, and internal procedures to reduce risk of these frauds.


Upcoming Seminar! Banking 2017
Risk Management and Data Security - NY

April 27-28, 2017

More than 15 different sessions all in one place from industry experts discussing banking security, payments, risk management, and more. Click to download the brochure. Hurry - the Early Bird registration discount ends soon! 


Upcoming Webinar! ACH Basics: Part 1

BankersOnline April 19, 2017

This three-part webinar series provides attendees with ACH essentials. Designed specifically for financial institutions, each session builds off the last.

Part 1 guides attendees through the life of an ACH transaction, including how ACH credits and debits are processed, and explains who the network participants are. It will also explore the involvement of third parties in the ACH Network, and the risks they present to your bank.

The program will also help attendees understand special codes called Standard Entry Class Codes (SECs) used for transactions in the ACH Network. This webinar will also discuss other laws and regulations that apply and will highlight critical processing requirements that can reduce the bank’s exposure to risk. It will also explore the most common violations for some SECs to help your bank avoid problems.

In addition to course materials, attendees will receive a free Quick Reference Guide for Standard Entry Class Codes.


2017 Cyber Security Interactive Workshop

CU Assoc of NM  May 16, 2017  Full day workshop

Developed specifically for CUs, this interactive workshop explores the effects of cyber-attacks and sound mitigation strategies necessary for effective cyber-incident response from multiple perspectives including Operations, Call Center, Vendor Management, and more.

Attendees will receive valuable plan development, testing and measurement/assessment criteria, critical vendor assessment checklist, a sample Security Incident Response Plan (developed by law firm Stinson Leonard Street, LLP), plus other valuable take-aways, resources and action items. Contact Rayleen or Paula Lyden at for a full agenda or more information.